Landscape Design

Traditional Garden Design in the tropics stems largely from subsistence gardens with an interesting blend of Colonialism with its roots in the English Landscape movement of the Eighteenth Century. Understanding this history and our love affair with the Tropics allows us to surmise the important elements of a tropical garden. Is it the large lush foliage, the bright colours of the Heliconia and Ginger, or the little wild banana that grows at the end of a formal Ixora hedge?

Hortulus not only enjoys the exploration of this tradition but we also believe in pursuing each locations "Sense of Place".

The idea of Australia being an old country and young nation allows us to explore modern design philosophies using not only a palette of "Tropical plants" but also the new and exciting palette of locally native plants from the Top end of Australia and even our close neighbours in the Pacific bio region.

Architecture is one of the most important elements of a garden. In a climate where we all desire to be outside so much the relationship between our "built environment" and the landscape says a lot about how we like to live, allowing us to feel at ease in the spaces we create. The biggest compliment to a designer of space is to see the space used and appreciated whether the user knows it or not!

Our basic design philosophy stems from the management of many gardens. A garden must not only be aesthetically pleasing but practical to maintain. With high labour costs, and often low knowledge of garden staff, considerations of how a garden is going to be managed is often the most important aspect of the planning process.

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